Earn While You Learn – New Mantra of Network Marketing Business

In order to achieve real success in Network Marketing you must have a system. This system must be designed to accomplish, at a minimum, 5 essential goals:

1.) generate leads on an automated basis freeing your time to do other things to develop your business.
2.) manage leads on an automated basis
3.) provide value to other network marketers regardless of whether they are in your primary business or even a direct competitor
4.) produce cash flow from multiple income streams NOT just your primary business
5.) present you as a professional network marketer and leader in the industry

This is a hard life we have chosen and during these dynamic and trying times if you go at your network marketing business strictly with traditional tools, you will quickly lose ground to those who have adopted the new mantra of network marketing; Earn while you learn.

Earn while you learn? You might respond, but I am a 20 year veteran in this business and know quite a lot about it. Well, if you are making $20-$30K per month net on average and are happy with it, read no more as you are set in your ways and doing well enough that you do not need to change. At least not until your biggest competitors adopt the new mantra of network marketing business and you slowly slip from the leader board like an ageing king slowly fading into the shadows of the young prince.

Leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business and earn while you learn refers to the fact that there are multiple options for turn-key readily accessible methods to tap into generating and managing leads on the internet in an automated manner at little or no cost. Earn while you learn refers to the fact that there are ways and means to earn money from multiple streams of income from leads without them ever joining your business. Earn while you learn is the new mantra of network marketing business.

While the success of your network marketing business depends on you, you have to take action and set up an automated lead generation and management system that allows you to earn while you learn. This system should fully compliment your other lead generation methods and, therefore, work for you while you are working on other things and / or taking a well deserved break. If you have little experience with internet marketing, get a mentor. Again, there are multiple ready made systems out there that you can tailor to your business, but be careful in your choice of a system.

If you have a considerable amount of experience in internet & network marketing and do not have multiple capture pages running tailored to various distinct ad campaigns, custom auto-responders linked to each campaign, and multiple income streams in between the lead and adoption stage of your primary business, you are either too lazy to be in this business, or, as the good Mr. Dillard likes to say, you just don’t get it. If it is the latter, perhaps you could also use a mentor to get you realigned in your business efforts. If this is the case, find a mentor before you are left behind!

If you choose not to earn while you learn in the near future, unfortunately, I predict that you will eventually be left behind in this industry. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your network marketing business and encourage you to look into alternative business models which may well prove to surpass what you previously dreamed of success levels by ten-fold or more.

Home Based Marketing Business – Is Working Online Right For You?

If you are reading this article, then you are probably one of the thousands that wakes up everyday unhappy to make the commute to work. You are tired of feeling like just a robot following your boss’s orders, and you want to make a change in your life. You dream of being your own boss, of making your own hours, and of finally being independent.
Well if you are one of these people, then a home based marketing business may very well be the perfect opportunity for you. But before you go jumping right into working online, you must analyze a variety of different factors to determine if a home based business is truly the right option to take. Because like anything else, not everyone is cut out for this business and it will not work for everyone.

The number one thing that you MUST have if you are to succeed with a home business is a great deal of self-determination. When you are your own boss, there is no one standing over your shoulder telling you when to get things done and how they are to be completed. All the work is solely up to you, as are your hours that you are willing to devote to grow your business. Without a large amount of self-determination, you will quickly put things off for later and not dedicate all of your time to what needs to get done. You will, in short, not succeed with your home based marketing business.

The other factor to consider is whether or not you consider yourself to be a good marketer. Marketing online has many resemblances to marketing in the real world; namely you will be promoting products/companies and need to have a solid understanding of marketing principles, as well as a passion for doing it. There are too many people out there today who are solely scam artists, joining any program they can (whether it is a reliable system or not) and claiming that is has already given them great results and that they highly recommend it. Once you sign up under them, you will many times never hear from them again and it turns out their product is nothing but a scam. Please do not join if you intend to be one of these people. Do your research on all of your products before you plan to market them, and always use ethical means of promoting your products.

Another important question you should ask yourself is if you will truly be happy working from home. Will you be content being alone and working completely independently for a few hours everyday, or do you love being in the presence of co-workers who you can talk to when on a break? Or maybe you enjoy the commute to work, like getting up in the morning and having somewhere to go, and, simply, enjoy being told what to do and find this easier than having to make too many tough decisions for yourself.

In a home based online marketing business, there is certainly a decent amount of risk involved and if you are unwilling to take a few chances and make your own assessments based on research you have done, then you will not get far in this industry. If any of the above attributes describe you, then I would suggest you stick to a job in the “real world”, and do not choose to partake in online marketing.

However, if you are tired of working for your tyrant boss and feeling like you are restricted in what you can do, if you want to have more time to spend with your family and friends and really be in control of your own income and your own life, if you possess a strong sense of self-determination, are willing to do research on your own and work independently, will use ethical means of marketing and hold a strong desire to learn as much as you can about the industry, then a home based online marketing business may just be your calling.

If you meet all of the qualifications and are ready to make this important change in your life and start working online, then the Plug-In Profit Site is where you should begin your journey. The Plug-In Profit System gives you your own website already set up for you to receive five streams of income from five of the best affiliate programs around. For this reason, it has been the most proven system for starting a home business online to date. To learn more visit [http://www.safelyworkfromhome.com/] and click on the link for the Plug-In Profit Site.

I hope many of you take the time to consider the different factors described in this article when determining if a home business is the right option for you.

Why a Network Marketing Business Online Beats the Traditional Home Based Network Marketing Model

Which would you prefer to do. Own a network marketing business online or trying to compete in the “bricks and mortar”environment? A business that is powered by the internet is a traffic generating machine, which makes it a perfect medium for internet network marketing. For the majority, its much easier to make money online as an internet network marketer than it is trying to do the same as a home based network marketer. 

I, for one, don’t want to make “cold calls” to a names list, corner my family and friends about my network marketing business, and definitely don’t want to go through the troubles of having a Grand Opening at my home. Truth is, many people are turned off by those sorts of things which is why home based network marketing is perceived with a negative impact. Most people don’t possess high energy rah rah lets go conquer the world type of enthusiasm and many have no sales skills.

But guess what…. Having a network marketing business online is much different. You can have a blog, website, or even free internet presence. Add an autoresponder to perform most of your follow up tasks and never close the shop. Your network marketing business would be open around the clock and around the globe. With a few inexpensive tools and some copy writing knowledge it wouldn’t matter if your MLM downline or prospects were from your home town or over seas. Your network marketing business opportunity has endless opportunities.

There is no comparison to a traditional home based network marketing business and an online network marketing business. Geographically you are limited with a home based business as opposed to using the internet which has no boundaries.

Live in a rural area? Have limited social contacts through your day job? Don’t like giving health and wealth surveys at the local market? Tired of listening to rejection or making follow up calls? Using the internet solves all these problems in a non aggressive way.

Training a downline is a breeze once you initially set up your autoresponder and its readily available to every single new recruit and it works on auto pilot. Heck you could be playing golf or spending a special day with your family while your network marketing business is working for you through e-mail services. The same holds true for recruiting with the exception of responding to e-mail inquiries and the occasional call for training help.

One of the main reasons that roughly 98% of new home based network marketing recruits fail is the inability to duplicate success. Most network marketing companies offer little if any training to new distributors, they leave that task to their sponsor who probably received little if any training themselves. So what your left with is the blind leading the blind. Not a good formula.

The multi level marketing business is huge and it will continue to grow even through rough economic times as long as top notch training is available to new recruits. Whatever your opportunity is matters little as long as you believe in it and are passionate about it. Its diversified training that will take your marketing business to the next level. We’re not talking about “tunnel vision” training here. We’re talking about learning every possible training and marketing technique available. Then and only then incorporating the techniques that you feel comfortable with, are good at, and exploiting the internet to its fullest potential. Makes sense doesn’t it?

So how are you going to do it? Remember you are not stepping on your upline sponsors toes and you are not being lured from your opportunity. Once you master the skills your upline sponsor will be grateful and who knows possibly they will want to learn the training from you.

You are going to learn how

  • to use social networking for business.
  • Create a web of content.
  • use profitable keywords.
  • optimize content for the search engines.
  • link content for the benefit of the search engines and your network marketing business.
  • use free content management systems
  • build a blog.
  • write for the internet.
  • use article marketing for business.
  • create your own videos for marketing.
  • create your own lead capture pages.
  • e-mail marketing techniques.
  • build a content website.

You are going to learn all of this and more through video tutorials and when you are done you will become professionals in your niche and your network marketing business will soar with the eagles.

So how do you get this kind of training! Well you could do a Google search looking for marketing techniques, or training. The most important part is to get the right training for your network marketing business.

The next step is creating a medium to promote your opportunity or business. See Ken Evoy’s Site Build It for some ideas on how to do it.